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Exquisite food starts with the careful sourcing of the ingredients.
We maintain a close relationship with our suppliers ensuring the quality and freshness of the produce we use.

Essential Ingredient StarterEssential Ingredient StarterQuality, flavour and style form the philosophy of our food. Our menus combine the best of seasonal and exotic produce with exceptional presentation.

Our Team

Our experienced team of chefs combines knowledge of international dishes & flavours and is constantly working on delicious new Culinary Creations.

Beyond Food

Our expertise extends beyond food. Our In-house Master of Wine
provides expert advice in matching wine and food and offer tutored tastings

"Thank you & your team so very much for making my husband's Birthday Party such a success & enjoyable occasion.
In addition to countless complements on the evening itself we have received a number of calls and letters applauding every aspect of the "do", your team and the food in particular. I shall be delighted to recommend you to others and you can be sure to hear from us again."
S. Howel

Essential Ingredient Catering Service London UK
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